About Peter

It’s not all glitz and glamour in Hollywood, a reality Peter K. Weiner learned early on despite being a four-time Emmy Award-winning video producer. He honed his craft in the  epicenter of the entertainment world, amidst a culture often seen as superficial or formulaic. Peter’s work at ABC  gave him a bird’s eye view of the storytelling industry, but with every accolade Peter received, he craved something more profound, more personal. 

Behind the shiny exteriors of Hollywood , Peter longed for genuine connections in his work. Wanting more than just surface-level interactions, he expanded his interests and professional reach. He became  a business coach, combining his love for storytelling with a mission to grow  businesses.

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Peter's philosophy led to the creation of PKW Media Solutions.

PKW is a blend of the video expertise from his Hollywood days and the personalized approach he practiced as a business coach. Now, at PKW, every project is a fresh canvas, with tailored strategies that emulate the unique brands and personalities of each client. The shift from mass-produced content to personalized narratives wasn’t just a professional transition, it was a long cultivated personal quest.

With a keen eye for authentic storytelling, Peter, alongside his team, crafts videos that are not only visually captivating but resonate with the core values and messages of the businesses they represent. The arc from the bustling studios of Hollywood to the personalized brand creation  of PKW Media Solutions illustrates a story of its own, where seeking depth and originality charts the road to meaningful success.